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May 22, 2017

Orioles Jumps Out to Early Lead in Victory Over Dallas Bulls

  Dallas Orioles grabbed an early lead on its way to a 17-5 victory over Dallas Bulls on Monday. Dallas Orioles scored on a triple by Pete Harrison, an error, a single by Sean House, and a single by Dennis Sutton in the first inning.

  Dallas Orioles earned the victory despite allowing Dallas Bulls to score three runs in the third inning. Dallas Bulls's big inning was driven by a single by Alex Davis.

  Dallas Orioles took an early lead in the first inning. Pete Harrison drove in one when he tripled in the first inning.

   In the Bottom of the 3rd inning  with one out Jimmy Richardson hit his 1st home run of the year . Jimmy sent a line drive out over the right field wall.

  Dallas Orioles scored six runs in the fourth inning. The big inning was thanks to a triple by Chris Cec, a single by Jerry Gamez, a walk by Mark Tierney, a groundout by Chuck Difiglia, and a single by Sean House.

  Dallas Bulls scored three runs in the third inning. The big inning for Dallas Bulls came thanks to a single by Davis.

  Scott Clawson earned the win for Dallas Orioles . He went two innings, allowing zero runs, zero hits, striking out one, and walking zero. Two relievers helped Dallas Orioles close out the victory. Doug Doyle threw two innings. House recorded the last six outs to earn the save for Dallas Orioles . Davis took the loss for Dallas Bulls. He pitched five innings, allowing 17 runs, and 14 hits.



W: Scott Clawson

SV: Sean House

HBP: Doug Doyle

Pitches-Strikes: Scott Clawson 20-14, Doug Doyle 33-16, Sean House 43-31

Groundouts-Flyouts: Scott Clawson 4-1, Doug Doyle 3-1, Sean House 0-0

First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Scott Clawson 3-6, Doug Doyle 7-13, Sean House 9-12


3B: Chris Cec, Pete Harrison

HR: Jimmy Richardson

TB: Chris Cec 3, Chuck Difiglia, Kevin Fought, Jerry Gamez 2, Pete Harrison 3, Sean House 2, Dave Huskey 2, Mark Moore, Jimmy Richardson 4, Dennis Sutton, Mark Tierney

RBI: Chris Cec, Chuck Difiglia 3, Jerry Gamez, Pete Harrison 3, Sean House 4, Jimmy Richardson, Dennis Sutton, Mark Tierney 3

SF: Pete Harrison, Sean House

ROE: Dave Huskey, Mark Tierney

FC: Chris Allen, Kevin Fought, Mark Tierney

GIDP: Chris Allen

SB: Chris Cec, Kevin Fought, Mark Tierney


Team QAB: 25 (64.10%)

Chris Allen, Chris Cec 3, Chuck Difiglia 2, Kevin Fought, Jerry Gamez 3, Pete Harrison 4, Sean House 3, Dave Huskey 2, Jimmy Richardson 3, Dennis Sutton, Mark Tierney 2


Team LOB: 6


E: Mark Tierney 2

Box Score

~Player Of The Game~



House  went 2-3 with 4 RBI's  and a  runs scored, and got the save.

~2017 Hitting Leaders~





      Chris Allen        .571

      Jerry Gamez       .478

      Pete Harrison     .500

      Chris  Allen           12

       Kevin Fought         9

       Jerry Gamez         11

      J. Richardson      10

      Jerry Gamez          9

       Pete Harrison      10

    Jimmy Richardson   1

      Jerry Gamez         .500

      Jerry Gamez         .500

~2017 PitchingLeaders~





      Scott Clawson       4

      Chris Cec                1

      Bill Downing         3

      Sean House            4

      Jerry Gamez         .500

      Jerry Gamez         .500

B    Scott Clawson      8

      Bill Downing        8

      Sean House          18

      Sean House       .000

      Bill Downing     2.154

      Scott Clawson   .875