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NTABL 45 Division


Sept 11, 2017

Dallas Orioles  NTABL 45+ Masters Champions!

 The Dallas Orioles defeat Cubs 14-4 on Monday to win the NTABL 45= Masters Championship.

Dallas Orioles earned the victory despite allowing Cubs to score three runs in the fifth inning. Cubs's big inning was driven by a single by Ron Van Iderstine and a double by Jesse Low.

Cubs took an early lead in the first inning. With one out in the first inning Rob Medel drove in one run when he singled.

Dallas Orioles took the lead for good with five runs in the first inning. In the first Dave Wylie walked Chris Allen to drive in a run, Pete Harrison singled off of Wylie, driving in two runs, a runner stole home, and there was an error, scoring one run.

Dallas Orioles scored five runs in the fourth inning. Dallas Orioles scored on a triple by Chris Cec, a single by Jerry Gamez, a groundout by Harrison, a groundout by Sean House, and a single by Dennis Sutton.

Cubs scored three runs in the fifth inning. The big inning for Cubs came thanks to a single by Van Iderstine and a double by Low.

Scott Clawson earned the win for Dallas Orioles . He went two innings, surrendering one run, four hits, striking out one, and walking zero. Three relievers helped Dallas Orioles close out the victory. Bill Downing threw two innings. Wylie took the loss for Cubs. He pitched four and a third innings, surrendering 14 runs, 13 hits, and striking out four.

Dallas Orioles had 13 hits in the game. Cec, Sutton, Kevin Fought, and Gamez each collected multiple hits for Dallas Orioles . Harrison, Allen, House, and Sutton each drove in two runs to lead Dallas Orioles .


Sean House is the Offensive  player of the year for the Orioles hitting .531. Short stop Jerry Gamez is the Defensive  player of the year committing only 2 errors.



W: Scott Clawson

Pitches-Strikes: Scott Clawson 25-18, Bill Downing 28-19, Doug Doyle 11-3, Sean House 8-6

Groundouts-Flyouts: Scott Clawson 1-3, Bill Downing 1-3, Doug Doyle 0-1, Sean House 1-0

First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Scott Clawson 5-9, Bill Downing 7-9, Doug Doyle 2-4, Sean House 4-2



3B: Chris Cec

TB: Chris Allen, Chris Cec 5, Kevin Fought 2, Jerry Gamez 2, Pete Harrison, Sean House, Dave Huskey, Dennis Sutton 2

RBI: Chris Allen 2, Chris Cec, Kevin Fought, Jerry Gamez, Pete Harrison 2, Sean House 2, Dennis Sutton 2

ROE: Chuck Difiglia, Kevin Fought

FC: Pete Harrison, Mark Moore 2

SB: Chris Allen, Pete Harrison

CS: Kevin Fought


Team QAB: 20 (57.14%)

Chris Allen 2, Chris Cec 3, Chuck Difiglia, Kevin Fought 2, Jerry Gamez 2, Sean House 2, Dave Huskey, Mark Moore, Jimmy Richardson 2, Dennis Sutton 2, Mark Tierney 2


Team LOB: 5


E: Jimmy Richardson

DP: Scott Clawson, Jerry Gamez, Pete Harrison

Box Score

~Player Of The Game~

Chris Cec

Cec went 3-3 with a triple and and RBI.

~2017 Hitting Leaders~





      Sean House       .531

      Chris Allen        .485

       Chris Cec          .522

      Chris Cec                24

       Jerry Gamez          21

       Kevin Fought        23

     Gerry Gamez          23

      Chris Allan             15

       Sean House           17

    Jimmy Richardson   2

      Jerry Gamez         .500

      Jerry Gamez         .500

~2017 PitchingLeaders~





      Scott Clawson       8

      Chris Cec                3

      Bill Downing         3

      Sean House            6

      Jerry Gamez         .500

      Jerry Gamez         .500

B    Bill Downing        14

      Scott Clawson      22

      Sean House          43

      Sean House        1.217

      Scott Clawson    2.520

       Bill Downing    2.423