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NTABL 45 Division

    The Dallas Orioles Baseball Team is one of the oldest men’s adult baseball organizations in the North Texas Adult Baseball League (NTABL).

   The local Orioles team formed in 1992, and with the early leadership of long time Dallas ballplayer,

Gerry Mecca, the Orioles were one of the more competitive amateur area baseball teams, amassing a .683 winning percentage and winning numerous local, state and national titles, including the 2002 28+ NTABL Championship, the 2004 Open AAMSBL Championship and a coveted 2004 MSBL 28+ World Series crown.  Many former professional and Division I collegiate players, attracted to the high level of competitive play, wore the Orioles jersey during the team’s formative years as the newly formed Dallas MSBL league established itself as a regional center for great adult baseball for all ages.

   Under the current management of Dallas player, Mark Moore, and commencing in 2007, the local Orioles again returned to championship form, winning the 2008 MSBL 45+ national championship held in Clearwater, Florida.  This was followed by additional championships and first place finishes in area DFW leagues

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   Most recently, the Dallas Orioles captured the 2014 Dallas Mexican American League Labor Day Tournament crown and were also championship finalists in the 2013 and 2014 season ending MSBL World Series tournaments held in Phoenix, Arizona, compiling an impressive 14-3 national record.

   Currently, the Dallas Orioles compete in the Masters Division of the local NTABL and plan to return to the national tournament scene in the Fall.

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